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Civil engineering

Construction and protection of all types of roads, setup and maintenance of vertical and horizontal road markers and other activities in the field of civil engineering.

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sam-4Fortis Group was formed during 2008 as a group of companies whose main activity is related to civil engineering in the territory of Bosnia and also in neighboring countries. It all began as a vision of a team of people who wanted to create a system of companies capable to tackle with any challenge. 10 years ago, when it all began, it was one company: Prijedorputevi AD, Prijedor. Today, it is a group of 8 companies located in several cities in BiH.


Strategicly, it is well-developed network of companies that have complementary products and services mainly related to engineering tasks. Current reference list shows professionalism in the approach to construction projects and maintenance of all types of roads, parking places, setup and maintenance of vertical and horizontal road markers etc. Group also has project office, production plant for production of concrete and concrete products and foundry with a total over 150 different products. This, together with more than 50 years of experience in civil engineering jobs, directly contributes to the quality of works performed and gives assurance that all tasks are executed professionally and on time.

The group's comparative advantage is achieved through continuous investment in equipment and human resources. Stabile and healthy, controlled, growth of the Group is an indicator that it is exactly the right choice and the way of development. Each member of the Group is intensively working on implementing of the operating and technology discipline in order to come closer to desired philosophy of Fortis Group in the respect of the working culture and spirit. Result of these efforts is also visible through the operating results:  at the end of year 2008 the Group has achieved total revenues of approximately KM 100 million with total number of approximately 800 employees in the season working in the territory of BiH and abroad.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into impossible”
Arthur C. Clarke