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Over 150 products are produced by the Group: production and delivery of concrete and concrete products, production-casting of gray iron, bronze and silumin, production of stone aggregates and production, sale and delivery of asphalt.

Kozaraputevi AD

cla-01Joint stock company for the maintenance and protection of roads Kozaraputevi AD Banja Luka was founded in year 1951 as part of, at the time called, „Directorate of Roads of Bosnia and Herzegovina“, and as of than has passed through various forms of organization / legal status, depending on regulations and economic conditions.

As 29th February 2008 Prijedorputevi AD purchased the majority of stocks and, as of than, Company operates within the Fortis group in the territory of BiH and also in neighboring countries.

Main activity of Company is the construction and protection of all types of roads, production and sales of stone aggregates, production, sale and delivery of concrete and asphalt, setup and maintenance of vertical and horizontal road markers and other activities in the field of civil engineering what is further proved through referenc list.

Company has its own asphalt base with capacity of 120 t / h at the location Ljubačevo, Banja Luka and concrete plant located at Ducipolje, 5 km from the city center of Banja Luka, as well as all the necessary equipment and machinery to perform the above listed activities.



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Kozaraputevi AD

Tunjice bb        
78 000 Banja Luka




tel:  +387 51 366 160        
fax: +387 51 366 170
Komercijalna služba
tel:  +387 51 366 164        
fax: +387 51 366 162
Proizvodnja betona
tel:  +387 66 703 287        
Kamenolom i asfaltna baza Ljubačevo
tel:  +387 51 427 200        
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