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Ilidžaputevi doo

asfaltna bazaIlidžaputevi Ltd was founded in year 2005. Company is placed in Vojkovići, eastern Sarajevo. Main activity of the company is related to the civil engineering: construction and protection of all types of roads, production, sale and delivery of concrete and asphalt, setup and maintenance of vertical and horizontal road markers and other activities in the field of civil engineering.

Company has its own asphalt base with capacity of 130 t/h, which is also located in Vojkovići. Total number of employees is 40. Most of the activities are conducted in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to get closer to the philosophy of Fortis Group, Company has also provided all necessary licenses to conduct business. Policy of the company is to invest constantly in development, what reflects with positive result and stabile growth of the Company.



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Ilidžaputevi doo

Ravnogorska bb                                                                                                                                                                             71123 Istočno Sarajevo


               +387 57 350 556        

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