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Japra AD

japraJoint Stock Company Japra, Novi Grad was founded in year 1957. Main activity of the company is exploitation and processing of minerals, manufacturing and production of asphalt, concrete and concrete products. Currently produces about 150 different products. Production is organized in two production and technological processes, where each consisting of three parts:

„Dolomit“ Blatna

Production and processing of dolomite

Producing fractions of 0-4mm, 4-8mm, 8-16mm, 16-22mm, buffer 0-60mm, etc. In the installed mills, through processing of the materials, company produces, semolina fractions for glass industry 0,2-1,0 mm, filler material 0-0,09 mm used in the production of asphalt, dolomal hydraulic binder for masonry and plastering, and micro fillers 0-0,025 and 0-0,050 mm, etc.

Production of concrete and concrete products

Concrete plants of the company with capacity of 20 m³ / h ptoduce transport concrete products as well as a number of different concrete products (concrete pipes Ø 150 - Ø 1000, pressure decorative elements of different shapes and sizes, AB substation, duct drainage,curbs, AB gabion baskets, AB Pipes of different sizes, concrete blocks, etc.)

Production of dry mixtures

Company produces approximately 20 different dry mixtures: mechanical mortar, exterior masses, facades, semi-dispersion, construction adhesives, etc.

"Nemetal" Blagaj

Production of limestone - quarry Derviš Kula

Stone aggregates of high-quality limestone, which are produced at the facility Dervis Kula are widely used in construction, metallurgy, sugar refinery, railroad, for the production of asphalt, concrete, etc. Installed plant and existing reserves of quality limestone enable Japra to increase production depending of market demands. Finished products are delivered by road and railway transportation means. It is important to mention that all fractions may be washed, what is important for the one usedfor production of special types of concrete. Dervis Kula produces following fractions: 0-4 mm, 4-8 mm, 8-16 mm, 16-22 mm, 16-32 mm, and gravel for the railroad construction 31.5- 63 mm.

Production of crude gypsum – raw gypsum quarry Petkovac

Japra has its own mine of gypsum in which the exploitation already began 50 years ago. In recent years, the mine is equipped with modern processing facilities, and it can produce 450,000 t per year. Quarry is well connected to consumer centers by road and railway transportation infrastructure. Gypsum is mostly produced in raw condition, fractions mainly 0-50 mm. Current stock at the exploitation field of quality gypsum is evaluated to the amount of 11,000,000 t. Company performs constant investment in new researches and expands the raw material base and discover new reserves of higher categories.

Production of asphalt

Company also has an asphalt plant and produces asphalt for local market. Raw materials used in production of the asphalt are of high quality since quality aggregates are available and used as well as stone flour (filler). Capacity of asphalt base is 40 t / h and it is placed next to the main road Novi Grad-Kostajnica.



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Japra AD

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79200 Novi Grad



Centrala: +387 52 759-100        
fax: +387 52 759-201
Služba računovodstva: +387 52 759-203        
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Rudnik gipsa- Petkovac: +387 52 481-445
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