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Livnica AD Ljubija

livnicaFoundry of colored and gray iron was established in year 1917 with the intention to maintain the machinery used in mines of iron ore Ljubija and to produce gray and colored iron for the needs of economy and civilians in surrounding area. It is located inside of the production complex of Mine Ljubija  (as it was part of Mine Ljubija) and it is at the site until today. Production was not stopped during the Second World War or during the latest war in ex Yugoslavia, but the scope and structure of production was fully depending on the political and economic situation in surrounding.

The main activity and the purpose of the Foundry was to provide maintenance for the machines of the Mines of iron ore Ljubija, whose part it was until year 1992.
Significant efforts of modernization and implementing of new products have been made in the period between year 1987 and year 1992 when the production of the covers and drains was implemented. These products had their market in the whole territory of former Yugoslavia. In the period between year 1992 and year 2001 foundry has transformed into public company, then the state at the end into joint stock company with full name: Joint Stock company Foundry for gray and colored iron, ad Ljubija.

Main activity of the Foundry today is production-casting of gray iron, bronze and silumin for what is fully equipped.

Production program of gray iron consists of standard production of covers and grids produced in low-volume production process. Production of spare parts and other individual products is organized on the basis of samples or models and according to customer requests.



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Livnica AD Ljubija

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