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Egzotik doo

If you want by fuel and oil of highest quality, that are friendly to your engine and ecology, we are here for you.

Do you need rest and refreshment on the road? In our café bar with pleasant interior and friendly service, we offer you excellent coffee together with soft drinks and snacks.

About Egzotik d.o.o.

Company was founded in year 1991. Main activity of the company is retail trade with oil and oil derivates, fuel, gas, engine oil and car accessories and other goods. As of the year 2007 it is member of Fortis Group and currently it employs 11 employees. Having in mind that 90% of the fuel is imported from Hungary, our business goal is to keep the highest possible standard in fuel quality and to make our customers more satisfied through helping their vehicles to last longer.


Our gas station offers the highest quality fuel that are possible to be found on the market of BiH:

I EURO - DIESEL (defined through European standard BAS 590)

In retail sale it means 2 types of euro - diesel:

a) Euro diesel 5 - import from oil refinery MOL - Hungary

By using of this euro - diesel you provide to your engine the ability to work in optimum mode when it comes to consumption, power and exhaust emission. This fuel has approximately 30% less sulfur from the ordinary euro - diesel 4 and it has higher octane number what provides better performance to the engine and the engine lasts longer.

b) Euro - diesel 5 – product of oil refinery in Brod, BiH.

This fuel also satisfies European standard BAS 590.

II EURO - SUPER 95 - imported from Oil refinery MOL- Hungary

It is unleaded 95 - octane engine fuel suitable for all engines with or without catalyst with octane number 95 or less. It has low level of petrol and sulfur, what further protects environment through limited exhaust emission. It refers to European standard EN 228.

III SUPER PLUS 98 - import from oil refinery MOL - Hungary

Super plus 98 is 98 - octane unleaded engine fuel suitable for all engines with or without catalyst with octane number 98 or higher. It is motor fuel of new generation, without sulfur and with extremely low level of toxics. It decreases the consumption and it gives new power to your vehicle, it takes care for you and your environment and, at the same time, it responds to EU standard EN 228.

IV CAR GAS - LPG (liquid gas)

The car gas made of mixture of propane and butane stored at the high pressure and there fore in liquid condition.

It has extremely high octane value (105 octane) and extremely high resistance on self - inflammation.
From the ecology point of view, it is very environmental friendly because it burns almost completely. It has very low emission of nitrogen oxides and it does not have sulfur or lead compounds. If comparing the energy level it is close to the petrol energy level but its consumption, comparing to the petrol is lower, and the engine power remains the same.


There are following engine oils and lubricants (brands: OPTIMA, MAXIMA, CASTROL and INA) available at the gas station:

- engine oil for passenger vehicles
- engine oil for diesel heavy trucks

- oil for transmissions and differentials
- coolants (antifreeze)
- additives for fuel

- products for car maintenance and car cosmetics


Egzotik doo

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