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Civil engineering

Construction and protection of all types of roads, setup and maintenance of vertical and horizontal road markers and other activities in the field of civil engineering.


Fortis Group 4 has asphalt plants placed at following locations:

Ljubačevo, Banja Luka, company Kozaraputevi, asphalt plant capacity of 120 t/h

Kamičani, Prijedor, company Prijedorputevi, asphalt plant capacity of 105 t/h

Poljavnice, Novi Grad, company Japra, asphalt plant capacity of 40 t/h

Vojkovići, Ilidža, company Ilidžaputevi, asphalt plant capacity of 130 t/h


Product name

1 Asphalt  AB 0/8
2 Asphalt  AB 0/11
3 Asphalt  AB 0/16
4 Asphalt  BNHS 16
5 Asphalt  BNS 22
6 Asphalt  BNS 32
7 Asphalt  AB 8 S
8 Asphalt  AB 11 S
9 Asphalt  AB 16 S

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