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Stone aggregates

Group has 5 quarries located at the following locations:

Ljubačevo, Banja Luka, company Kozaraputevi, limestone quarry
Dervis Kula, Novi Grad, limestone quarry
Blatna, Novi Grad, dolomite quarry
Petkovci, Novi Grad, raw gypsum quarry
Svodna, Prijedor, dolomite quarry


Product name









Aggregate 0-2 mm

Aggregate 2-4 mm

Aggregate 0-4 mm

Aggregate 4-8 mm

Aggregate 8-16 mm

Aggregate 16-32 mm

Aggregate mix





Stone buffer 0-32

Stone buffer 0-60

Stone buffer 0-150




Cut stone - rovni

Cut stone - birani




Stone material

Waste material

Micronized limestone and dolomite

Lately there has been significant increase in demand for micronized limestone and dolomite because the same are used for the improvement of natural, ecology friendly breeding of plants and cattle. At the same time, there is no need for use of the artificial fertilizers that are also more expensive. Company Japra AD is well known in the region as the only company that has quality raw materials and technology capacities for the production of the micronized grains. The quality of these products is verified through own laboratory but also through authorised Intitutes so all products have Quality Certificates. In year 2011 the interest for these products is increasing rapidly in the country but also abroad (Republic of Croatia, Holland etc.).


KALCIT - limestone, 25 kg bags

Slika1496It is used for neutralization and activation of acid soil (granulation 0 - 1 mm). It is dispersed to the soil by using standard equipment for fertilizing. On smaller fields it is possible to disperse it manually. Besides that it improves the quality of the soil and decreases the acid level, it also regulates the humidity of the soil and prevents the plants to get dry in reasonable time frame. Because it is rich with calcium, it is used as an addition for the livestock food (cattle, poultry, pets, etc.).


KALCIT - micronized limestone, 25 kg bags

Slika1495It is used for foliar fertilization of plants by spreading vapor cloud to the leaves of plants. For that purpose the size of the limestone has to be less than 0.025 mm. In that way total yield is increasing, the fruits are in average bigger, the time for storaging fruits is extending, the needs of the plants for water is reduced as well as usage of expensive pesticides, etc.


Products are 100% human, animal and plants friendly.   


LIMESTONE:  calcijum carbonate, rich with kalcit 

Tested              Average
component       content

Cao                     53,24
MgO                      1,31
Al2O3                   0,66
Fe2O3                  0,30
Na2O                    0,26
SiO2                      1,42
K2O                       0,14
SO3                       0,18
CO2                     42,86
CaCO3                 95,13

DOLOMITE: calcium-magnezium carbonate 

Tested              Average
component       content

Mgo                      30,58
Cao                       20,97
Al2O3                    0,92
Fe2O3                   0,08
Na2O                     0,26
SiO2                       0,68
P2O5                     0,09
K2O                       0,06
Suk                        0,006
G.Ž.                     45,28

Both products are available in grains of size:

grits:                            between 0,1 and 1 mm

stone flour:                 25,50,90 i 200 microns

The products are available in bulk and in bags 30 and 40 kg and jambo bags of 1 t (in pallets). Company possesses  transportation means as well as all necessary certificates for the export and delivery. 


  • grits for glass industry 0,2-1,0 mm,
  • filler 0-0,09 mm used in the production of asphalt,
  • dolomal hydraulic binder for masonry and plastering,micro - fillers 0-0,025 and 0-0,050 mm
  • production of dry blend: mechanical mortar, exterior masses, facades, semi-dispersions, construction adhesives
  • production of crude gypsum
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