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Over 150 products are produced by the Group: production and delivery of concrete and concrete products, production-casting of gray iron, bronze and silumin, production of stone aggregates and production, sale and delivery of asphalt.

For fruit growers and farmers: use natural, ecology products, save money and increase result

New product in Japra AD - for fruit growers and farmers - micornized limestone of high purity. This product is not expensive, it is recommended from the ecology point of view and it guarantees the increase of the result in agricultural and fruit growth process.

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In line with increasing demand for the limestone of high purity, whose main purpose in this sense is to calcificate acidic and "over - used" soil  and increase of the yield, company Japra made the product that corresponds the quality demands. The confirmation of the quality came through research of Agricultural institute in Banja Luka. The results are more than promising when it comes to the increase of yield, what company further confirmed through atest.

Calcification of the soil is done in order to convert acidic soil into slightly acidic and normal soil. This task is achieved through entering lime into soil. When deciding about quantity it is necessary to consider the content of the soil, presence of the organic matter and tolerance of plants to lime. For that purpose the lime to be used is finely milled calcium carbonate, marl, burt lime, slaked lime, saturated sludge and other.

Company Japra has lime of high purity and high content of CaCO3, ideal for the above described. In order to have the best result from usage of the lime, it is necessary to grind it up to the size of 1 mm. Company Japra possesses high capacity mill. The product itself is packed in jumbo bags 1 and 1.5 t.

This product has the market in Europian market, where it has been delivered in last several years. Lately it is also exported to Croatia, because ecology standards of EU demand increase in usage of natural products and decrease of usage of artificial fertilizers.

Step forward is production of micronized limestone (up to 25 microns) used for cattle food production and fertilizing plants through leaves. This limestone is packed according to the demand of the customer, mostly in 30 kg bags.

Use our and healthy! Are the artificial, chemical solutions what we want to give to our children? Embrace the natural, go back to the mother nature.  

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