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Over 150 products are produced by the Group: production and delivery of concrete and concrete products, production-casting of gray iron, bronze and silumin, production of stone aggregates and production, sale and delivery of asphalt.


Residential and commercial building in the heart of Prijedor

MAIN INFORMATION ABOUT THE FACILITY: Residential and commercial building is located at the intersection of the streets Vidovdanska and kralja Petra I oslobodioca, in Prijedor. The total floors is S + P + 4, investor and contractor is Prijedorputevi AD. The construction period is year 2012. Ground floor and first floor are of commercial nature, second, third and fourth floor are residential floors. Single floor has 4 residential units, total surface cca 240 m2. The total sqm of ground floor and first floor is cca 500 m2. In the basement of the facility there is garage with 5 parking places. 

The best quality materials are used for the construction of this facility, the beauty and the location of the facility say enough for themselves. More details you may take over here.

 Commercial building in the heart of Prijedor

The commercial facilities of approximately 698 m2 are placed in the very city center of Prijedor, street Vožda Karađorđa 14. The building itself is suitable for the bank, insurance company etc. The preparations for the reconstruction of the current appearance of the facility are ongoing. This final step will bring additional beauty to the facility as well as to the micro location itself. More details about the premises you may takeover here.


Commercial building in city center of Banja Luka

At the location of old head quarter building, street Ive Andrica 10, Kozaraputevi Ad are constructing the business premisses of cca 2700 m. The contractor is Prijedorputevi AD, a the construction period is year 2013. The facility itself ha P0 + P + 2 floors and location is perfect combination of key roads and city center. More details you may takeover here.